Specialist Framing and Mounting 


Harmonize the Artwork with the your Style and Space!



What makes my photography different is that they can be printed in hi-resolutrion large-scale format for maximum impact or they can be printed in medium to small formats for a more intimate experience. All of these prints come 'ready-to-frame' or 'ready-to-hang'.


You can purchase the photograph of your choice as a rolled print for framing at your preferred local framer or you can have your purchased print framed and delivered, 'ready-to-hang', by our specialist art framers.


Our framing experts will gladly assist you!



Ready-to-Hang Artwork Consultancy


We understand the role and the value of the photography displayed on your walls when it comes to conveying identity, style and values. Our select specialised art and framing advisory experts will consult with you in order to help you get the right frames or mountings to meet your requirements and budget.



Explore one of three options below:


Custom and boutique Frames to Suit Your Style and Space


Presentation of photography done right is a critically important aspect to completing the work The right frame or mounting is all it takes to harmonize your photographic artwork with the environment. 


I want you to be proud of the photography that you display in your space. That is why I only work with the best framers  that have an internationally recognized reputation for their artistry. I’ve adopted the highest industry standards so that you can have absolute confidence in the quality of the workmanship. 




Preserving your photograph is important to us, so all of our framing is guaranteed to meet the Fine Art Standard for Level 2 (High level) Framing.


This framing method meets the high standards demanded by leading intermational galleries, museums and art auction houses. That is why we have chosen a framer that is Certified by the Fine Art Trade Guild to meet this high standard.




Our framing advisory experts bring their own artistry to the project. They will guide you through the framing process and tailor their suggestions to your requirements. Their strong attention to detail allows you to show off your new prints for many years to come.


Choose your style


You will be able to choose from their range of high quality frames and glass designed to showcase your fine art so that you can enjoy the extraordinary experience of nature in your living space.  



The Fine Art Trade Guild standard

Level 2 (High level) Framing


This standard sets the requirement for high level protection using conservation methods and conservation materials


Previously known as Conservation Framing level, Level 2 framing gives a high level of protection for your artwork, whilst looking good and enabling you to view your framed work to best effect. It should give virtually as high a level of protection as Level 1 framing and in many markets, for example the USA, no distinction is made between the two.


What to expect:


By using conservation quality materials and the best techniques, the framer can give your work protection from physical and mechanical damage, airborne pollution and acids generated by many framing materials.


Suitable for:    


Objects and artworks that are to be preserved for future generations, and collectables 

Original artwork 

Limited edition prints of moderate to high value 


Conservation  framing requires that all processes affecting the artwork be fully reversible. In other words, what you have framed can be returned to its former state, i.e. prior to framing, at any time up to 20 years, assuming that the artwork is not inherently unstable.


Source: FineArt - UK

Meet Our Expert Fine Art Framers

Johannesburg, South Africa 



Certified Fine Art Trade Framer


A member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, we specialise in custom & boutique framing to the 5 levels as prescribed by the British Fine Art Trade Guild and is also a qualified Guild Commended Framer.


Our workshop is also the only Fine Art Trade Guild certified Advanced Conservation Framer in South Africa.


We do your framing to the Guild’s prescribed specification sheet either to the minimum level, budget level, commended level, conservation level, as well as museum level depending on customer requirements. If correctly framed and labeled with our Fine Art Trade Guild labels you will not have any rejections at international auction houses.



About Candice Berman



Candice Berman founded Candice Berman Gallery in 2013 and opened Berman Contemporary in 2017. After qualifying for a BA Fine Art degree through the University of Witwatersrand, she chose to pursue a BA degree in Philosophy and English Literature and completed her Honours Degree in English Literature with distinction.


Afraid that her raw creativity may be suppressed, she pursued art away from the academic confines of an institution and now directs her focus towards the raw, unpolluted expression of the mind and its contents through art. Her fascination lies with pioneering art movements, particularly that of South African Contemporary Art and Neo-Expressionism – she is passionate about discovering and developing new artists who express a clear, individual voice. As Candice puts it: “I work tirelessly for my artists and love pushing them to the limits to see what emerges.”


With a fantastic team at both galleries, Candice continues to apply her keen eye and aesthetic to building young artists and collaborating with collectors and curators alike.





We are now also in Rosebank!


Come visit out new framing showroom at 223 Jan Smuts Ave. 


We have our extensive selection of frame mouldings and profiles to select from with some new oak wood additions to the range. Our friendly and expert consultants will advise on the best profiles to preserve and present your work in the most fitting way. 


Tel: +27 010 880 5240/5241

Acrylic Face Mounting

Acrylic Face Mounting

(Diasec / Diamount )

is also available on request




Face mounting gives the effect that the photograph is floating on the wall for a clean and very modern stylish look.


This process is achived by laminating the fine art paper print between optical grade acrylic (perspex) and an aluminium back.


Diasec / Diamount panels are backed with diabond, reinforcing the rigidity of the finished picture and sealing the artwork from both sides. The Aluminium back also enables the attachment of sub-frames that allow the artwork to hang on the wall without a traditional picture frame.


The sturdy, reinforced nature of the mounting makes it suitable for medium to extra large-scale artworks.


Unlike Conservation Framing, the process is irreversible and if the acrylic glass is damaged there is no way to salvage the print. However, with proper care to avoid damage, the mounting is able to last 30 years and beyond.


In the past, the process was patented by the Swiss company Alrane Inventing AG to generate a brand name for the official licensee. To this day that same process is only available to official license holders.


The Dutch company "Diasec Support BV",was started in 2009 to support the Swiss licensor by offering training and custom-made machines. Special fluids needed for the Diasec process are only available from the Swiss originators.

Their product is called Diabond and is also only available to official license holders.


In South Africa we have official license holders of both DiaSec and DiaBond and we are fortunate to have access to both.


There are also a number of approved DiaSec facilities worldwide. Google DiaSec to find one near to you.