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Peter Dooley

"The African Landscape" 


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The right print may be all that you need to complete your professional, business, or residential space.


I offer an elegant collection of African landscapes

to complete any room. 

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Black and White


Richtersveld Series

Richtersveld Collection

West Coast Series

West Coast Collection

Kalahari Series

Kalahari Collection

Limpopo Bushveld Series

Limpopo Bushveld Collection

Landscapes in Colour

Landscapes in Colour Series

Landscapes in Colour Collection



for Your Business or Luxury Spaces


Your Unique Art Journey Begins Here


Your unique art journey begins right here with a piece that is guaranteed to suit your style.


Collecting photographic art is an increasingly popular hobby. Sir Elton John owns the largest photograph collection and has become one of the world’s most discerning enthusiasts. You can join him in these ranks.


Contact me today to discuss your specific needs or to answer any questions you may have.


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