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That Reflects Your Style


When you know where to look, the African countryside is filled with stunning views and one-of-a-kind landscapes. My name is Peter Dooley and I specialize in bringing these views into your business, professional, or residential setting in both elegant Black and White format and magnificent African colours. The landscapes that I photograph are found in remote, hard-to-reach or unusual places, making them a valuable addition to your home.


My artwork comes with a personal guarantee and a formal return policy. Each photograph is sent with a handwritten serial number and the details of the piece. Paper prints are embossed with a seal and all artwork is sent with a certificate of authenticity. I also offer a secure and verified Visa or Mastercard payment option, along with electronic fund transfer.


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Who My Work is for:


In addition to the individual art collector, my work is ideal for:


Professional and Corporate office and business owners

High end interior decorators and architects looking for exclusive and unique artwork

Hospitality businesses (Ideal for the lobby, lounge, or guest rooms)

Large volume interior spaces both professional and residential


African Landscape Photography for Your Business or Home


If you are looking to create a truly one-of-a-kind environment, African landscape photography is an excellent way to bring all nature offers indoors. I sell oversized fine art prints that are professionally created using pigment inks on archival paper, so they will last a lifetime.


Each print is carefully examined before sent out. I offer free shipping anywhere in the world.



If you are unsure what might be compatible in your location, I offer free customized mood boards that communicate your choice of artworks to reflect a particular style, theme or brand value for your next project. This allows you the chance to evaluate and ponder before you commit.



Prints can also be framed, or acrylic face mounted on request so that they are ready to hang upon purchase.

Black and White Photography That Speaks to The Viewer


Black and white photography brings a timeless and authentic quality, with an emphasis on the deep tones that are fundamental to my work. The rich black tones portray the saturated emotion that drew me to the location. I seek to interpret the values that resonate within my own vision.


My work is a tribute to the natural world of Africa and an examination of the conspicuous and the beautiful. My goal is to create a piece of unique and valuable artwork captured from unusual, remote, and hard-to-reach places.


My prints are large scale and catch your eye from the second that you walk into the room.

African Colours

that Speak to the Soul


If you are looking to create an environment that speaks to the soul, African colours are exactly what you need. 


Africa has a rich colour palette which when juxtaposed with natural complimentary colours, will enhance your space and bring the benefits of nature right into your environment.



Find Artwork for Your Luxury Space from the Exclusive

Peter Dooley African Landscape Collections

The right print may be all that you need to complete your professional, business, or residential space.


I offer an elegant collection of African landscapes

to complete any room. 

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Richtersveld Collection

Richtersveld Collection

West Coast Collection

West Coast Collection

Kalahari Collection

Kalahari Collection

Africa in Colour Collection

Africa in Colour Collection

Recently installed at the new BARRON retail business,

a 2.3m wide Large-Scale Artwork