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Peter Dooley

"African Landscapes" 


When you know where to look, the African countryside is filled with stunning views and one-of-a-kind landscapes.


My name is Peter Dooley and I specialize in bringing these views into your business, professional, or residential setting.

I offer an elegant collection of African landscapes

to complete any room. 


Richtersveld Series


West Coast Series

West Coast

Landscapes in Colour Series

Africa in Colour

Kalahari Series


Limpopo Bushveld Series


Canvas Art Collection



for Your Business or Luxury Spaces



              Editions:                     All Editions include two Artist Proofs 

              Edition Dimensions:   From 33" (84 cm)  


Full size Prints of select images are available to view in person by appointment at our print house, Silvertone International, located in Parktown - Johannesburg


Your Unique Art Journey Begins Here


Your unique art journey begins right here with a piece that is guaranteed to suit your style.


Collecting photographic art is an increasingly popular hobby. Sir Elton John owns the largest photograph collection and has become one of the world’s most discerning enthusiasts. You can join him in these ranks.



As the artist, I am available to discuss your specific needs or answer any questions about the work that you might have. You will not be talking to an art salesman, but instead speak directly with me, Peter.


If you would prefer to speak on the phone, leave your number and the best time to call, and I will call you back. I look forward to talking with you!


Designed to Endure


Art should be designed to last a lifetime. That is why I insist on using pigment inks on fine art paper, the same way that elegant galleries and art museums do it. Owning art is a reflection of your soul, your values and all that is important to you.


The pieces you choose to acquire, and display will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Visit my Online Gallery to find the perfect artwork for you!




Peter Dooley reserves and retains all Copyright to his work. Purchasing of a print does not transfer Copyright of the work to the buyer.

All images on this website are Copyright

Prints are available for purchase by EFT or Secure Card Payment